Who is Ivan Radulovski?

Ivan Emiliyanov Radulovski, born on December 6, 1988 in Ruse, Bulgaria (also known as Radulov) is a singer, songwriter, actor and entrepreneur.

In 2013 he was a finalist at the world famous show "X Factor" where he is defined as the most artistic and most stylish participant.

As a songwriter Ivan created nearly 50 songs and has a strong fan base on Facebook and You Tube and many projects in Bulgarian and English that are waiting for realization in the near future.

As an entrepreneur, he is the manager and co-founder of the company Segments Digital, which is part of the Austrian company "Segments" and deals with marketing, business strategy and production of digital applications. He supports the development of young talent in technology, business development, but also participate and support projects related to art, culture and community.


At an early age he played piano, sang in the school choir and participated in several school plays. When he was 16 he started working with Municipal Children's Center for culture and art with professor Natalia Konstantinova. He also was part of the Ruse Drama Schools where his talent was appreciated by Lyubbomir Kanev.

Radulovski graduated from the elite Ruse High School with the Study of European Languages “St. Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher” , where he studied English, Russian and Spanish. He proceeded to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing . During his studies went to the U.S. where he developed his vocal skills.

In 2012 driven by his passion for fast cars together with his friend Avgustin Petrov (Avgo) created and published demo on Youtube called "Hymn of the Bavarian". The song reached 200,000 views in one month.

His career as a performing vocal artist started in 2012 when he was the lead vocalist of the band “W.A.T Music“ (We Are The Music), which combines violin, guitar, beatbox and vocals in combination with house rhythms.